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Trigger Point S2 

Props & Pyrotechnics

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Artem were more than happy to return to ITV's explosive drama Trigger Point for its second season, where expert bomb disposal operative Lana Washington(Vicky McClure) is pushed to her breaking point dealing with a series of IEDs that threaten London during a summer terror campaign.

Project Details 

Artem provided pyrotechnic effects and special pyrotechnic props for the production, including explosions, aftermath effects, prop explosive devices and disruptors.

Large-Scale Explosion and Fire at the Electrical Plant

Our Artem technicians planned and orchestrated a visually stunning large-scale explosion and fire for the first episode at the electrical plant. Which involved also recreating burning debris and a set of breakable electric bushings, created by our mould department.

Smoke and Atmospheric Effects

A range of smoke and atmos effects featured at key points throughout the show, including general smoke atmos and a large-scale smoke and gas effect at the fire station.

Pig Stick Disruptors and Bespoke Collar Bomb

The team built water jet pig stick disruptors for many of the IED scenes, as well as a bespoke collar bomb; featuring a light sensor and an illuminated controllable countdown sequence. Additionally, a blood rig was also set up and activated for the tragic collar bomb scene.

Electric Scooter Bomb Explosion

For the scooter bomb scene, in which we conducted a large-scale explosion at Wembley, an electric hire scooter was disassembled, and a bespoke release rig was engineered to allow the exploded scooter to fall into frame for the exploding shot.

Check out some of our test clips below!

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