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Ramez Has Lost His Mind 

Capsule Build and Effects

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Our fifth outing for Masscom.98 saw Artem designing and building a space simulator capsule for Ramez Galal’s latest celebrity prank show – Ramez Has Lost His Mind.

The Ramez shows are a hugely popular staple of the MBC slate, airing on its global channels and platforms daily during the month of Ramadan. This year, unwitting celebrities were invited to shoot a promo for a new theme park in Riyadh, during which they joined the inaugural ‘flight’ of the Hop Drop capsule. Each episode captures the celebrities' horrified reactions when the capsule actually does take off – lifted by two giant cranes - and things appear to go horribly wrong…

Project Breakdown 

Artem designed and built the Hop Drop capsule in its West London workshops in just three weeks, before airfreighting it in two halves to Riyadh, where it was reassembled and fitted out by our technicians prior to scenic dressing, testing and rehearsals.

The Build 

The capsule - which measured approximately 5.5m x 3.5m x 3m high - was hand-built around a frame of box and c-section steel, strong enough to withstand being lifted and tilted at height by two cranes. The exterior skin was made of 3mm aluminium and the interior was wood, panelled with foam and leatherette sections.  Tinted 4mm polycarbonate windows and a 20mm clear acrylic floor enabled a clear view of the outside world once the prank was underway. The unit sat on a remote-controlled motion base, built by Artem and incorporated in the scenic design by Masscom.98’s production designer.

Inside the capsule seven rally-style seats were surrounded by screens and blinds, on which were projected images of Space (all AV provided by the production), and the dark upholstered panels were fitted with LED lighting. The fitted blinds and carpet could be drawn back at speed. The capsule also included ducting and fans for ventilation and recesses for hidden cameras.

The Effects 

As the prank commenced an Artem technician on the ground operated the motion control base, which another technician – masquerading as a ride passenger - delivered a number of cued pyrotechnic, smoke and water effects via remote control set ups once the capsule was in the air. We also provided bad smell effects for a disguised Ramez to set off – the first indication that all was not well with the Hop Drop.

Steel Frame Structure

Motion Control Base

Interior Seating and Screens

WIP Electronics

Capsule Control Box

WIP Fit Out

Behind the Scenes - Crane Cables

'Hop Drop' Capsule in Situ

Testing in Riyadh

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animation & effects

Production company Masscom.98 shot three episodes per day and our techs were right at the centre of the action, delivering effects from both inside the capsule and the ground.

Ramez Has Lost His Mind can be seen on MBC Masr daily from 12 April 2021 and on Ramez Galal’s YouTube channel . See the capsule prank in action here.

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