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Out of Darkness 

Scenic Props, Pyrotechnics & Atmospherics

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Out of Darkness is a Scottish survival-horror film set 45,000 years prior to the present day, directed by Andrew Cumming and written by Ruth Greenberg, the film is set around a group of Paleolithic characters who are hunted by an unknown force as they navigate hostile terrains.

Project Details 

Artem were tasked with working on location in a lockdown world, creating atmos and scenic props to turn the Scottish Highlands into a tense, gore filled setting.

Filmed during the early days of lockdown, the project had an extra edge as the entire crew isolated as a group avoiding contact with the wider world.  However as the filming took place in the wilds of north west Scotland this was relatively easy, although access to many of the separate locations was a bit of a nightmare, involving long walks and climbs to get to the spectacular scenery.

The physical SFX consisted mainly of fires, mist and blood, with soft and action Props taking up the rest of the requirements.  Giant whale bones wedged in the rocks were carved on our robot to fit a scan of the location rocks, or a soft rock to bludgeon someone in a fight sequence, moulded and cast from a real one collected on location during the recce and replicated in the workshop.

Dragging gas bottles up to the top of inaccessible hills, with all the associated equipment to make both artificial camp fires and to power layflat smoke rigs required stamina!

Check out some burning torch testing below!

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