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Money 20/20 'The Outer Limits' 

Futuristic Scenic Prop

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GDC Events set us the challenge of making a 'TRON' style futuristic bike for Money 20/20 as part of their Europen conference. It took pride of place suspended from the ceiling at The Outer Limits stage for the length of the conference, where attendees could gaze up at the bike whilst immersing themselves in the near-future experience. 

Project Details 

We brought the concept to life using our trusty CNC robot, firstly creating the model in CAD, then the robot carved out high density board to create separate pieces of the bike.

The foam pieces were then sanded, and put together. The whole bike received a primer coating, then was sanded and worked back by hand over the course of a week to achieve a high finish, which was then primed and sprayed white.

The glossy cockpit windows were added at the end, bonded into pre-routed out grooves.

The bike was then able to be installed and suspended from the ceiling in the event hall, for all conference attendees to see!

Image credit @Hannah Tomkins, Victoria Owen, and GDC Events for Money20/20 Europe.


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