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Ozzy the Bull - Birmingham New Street Network Rail

It has been just over a year since the start of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, and the Raging Bull made its public debut in the opening ceremony on 28th July 2022. When the much-loved bull was removed from its display in Centenary Square last September, there was public outcry for the bull to be saved, and so Network Rail and the West Midlands Combined Authority worked together to secure the future of our iconic bull.

In February it was announced that Birmingham New Street station would be the bull’s new home, and the task of redesigning and rebuilding the bull began.

The Build

Approximately 50% of the bull was remade, having previously been supported by a telehandler, the bulls legs were made static, with the underside of the bull being built so it could be viewed in full 360 degrees, as well as the exterior shell of the bull being recast in a fire-resistant resin, to meet indoor fire regulations.

Animation and Effects

The animation of the original bull was a mixture of puppeteering and animatronics, and for the new build the legs were made to be static, and the head, eyes, and tail, were all made automated with the use of electric linear actuators. Speakers were also installed to make it roar, a feature that was used over the first few days of its installation.


The bull, now known as Ozzy, was taken apart and transported into the station section at a time overnight to be reconstructed on the concourse of Birmingham New Street, where Ozzy will call home for years to come.

It took over 7,000 hours of work and a crew of 50 skilled people to bring Ozzy back to life, and what an honour and delight it is to have such an iconic Artem creation now permanently residing in the heart of Birmingham.

images ©Network Rail

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