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Tropicana+ 'Vitamins Incoming' - Props and Rigs TEEPEE FILMS

Working with Ritchie and the Artem team was an absolute pleasure throughout the whole production. Their expertise and brilliant work gave us & the client comfort in knowing that we were going to get the best possible result when it came to the final film. TEEPEE FILMS are very much looking forward to working with Artem on many more projects!

Tom Precey – Executive Producer, TEEPEE FILMS

For the latest Tropicana Plus commercial, our client, TEEPEE FILMS asked us to help create an effect where hundreds of small plus signs fall into frame in a balloon drop-style to cascade over an actor. The colourful plus signs represent the vitamins in Tropicana’s latest range of fruit drinks.

We designed the plus signs using a CAD 3D modelling package and moulded and cast them in soft foam, de-seaming and cleaning up each piece by hand prior to art-working. The finished props were produced in a variety of juicy colours to match the drinks range and two different surfaces were supplied – a smooth finish and a citrus peel effect. A small number of plus signs were also art-worked with leaves as if they were citrus fruit.

Technicians at Artem designed and build two different drop rigs - to drop the prop plus signs onto an actor on set and on to a selection of the product. The plus sign drop was also shot separately as a VFX element to add more depth to the effect in post-production.

View the commercial and TEEPEE FILMS’ behind-the-scenes film here.


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