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Nature Box - Special Costumes e+p films gmbh

Our client, e+p films, asked us to design and construct two bespoke suits – depicting an avocado and an argan nut - for their recent Nature Box campaign, directed by Kai Kurve. The shape and surface of the suits needed to look realistic, prior to being dressed with ‘human’ props.

The lightweight suits were made for over-the-head fitting, with soft shoulder blocks and rechargeable internal fans to keep the wearer cool on set. An under layer of soft foam and plastazote formed the basic shape, with an additional mould-and-cast surface detail layer for the avocado. Both suits were then covered with a stretch fabric painted in a hard rubberized paint and art-worked for an authentic finish.

The suits were dressed to become characters, with the avocado sporting an up-scaled cowboy hat and removable waist towel and the argan nut clad in a towel-turban, up-scale glasses and pearls.  Both the hat and turban incorporated mesh sections through which the wearer could see.


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  • Props
  • Special Costume
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