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'Exposure' - Water Corridor Effect Marina Waltz

'Ritchie Beacham-Paterson from Artem produced a stunning serious of live FX for my previous short, ‘Suicide Note’, so I was excited to have the opportunity to work with him and Artem again... Ritchie found safe, practical and highly imaginative solutions, whilst working within my budget, producing something visually spectacular and far and above my wildest expectations.

Working with him and Artem is always a joy and I’m delighted with the result!' - Marina Waltz- Director

For Marina Waltz’s fourth short film, Exposure, Artem was asked to create an effect depicting a supernatural flood in a corridor. Tank and hose rigs were constructed to discharge water safely down the walls and along the floor of a pre-built set, while an actor was moved through the scene at ground level on an inspection skate. Wind and atmospherics were used to add to the chaos and tension of the scene, with particulate matter dispersed to simulate an underwater environment.

The Artem team advised on set construction, and actor safety, and devised a water catchment and recycling system to mitigate the limited water supply at the studio.

Independent film-maker Marina Waltz has won numerous awards for her previous short films, Private Waltz, Suicide Note and Quercus. Her work uses humour, horror and psychological tension to address themes of idealism and identity, and what happens when long-held certainties are challenged.


  • Film
  • Atmospherics
  • Wind, Water and Steam
  • Floor Effects
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