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Dark Encounter - Alien and FX Strathie Film

We worked with the talented Strathie Film team again on their second feature, Dark Encounter, where alien fantasy meets psychological thriller. As with their first film, Solis, the production wanted as many of the effects as possible to be physical. The Artem team created an alien form, cast in translucent silicone and supported by wire.  The main cast was also used to create an animatronic hand which could be manipulated for close shots – fingers reaching around doors and over shoulders…

Artem’s technicians provided on-set support, operating the alien and its hand, and also creating a number of smoke and atmospheric effects, for both interior and exterior shots.

Dark Encounter is now available on HMV, Amazon, iTunes and Prime Video.

See the official trailer here.

And view the Dark Encounter behind the scenes documentary here with more on Artem's role at 12mins, 17.5mins and 33mins.

  • Film
  • Animation & Puppets
  • Animatronics
  • Atmospherics
  • Sculpture
  • Floor Effects
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