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LEGO - "Rebuild the World" Stink Paris

"Thanks for a great job"

Richard Ulfvengren - Traktor

We've had the great pleasure to do a lot of work with Traktor over the years so when Richard Ulfengren got in touch about a "fun LEGO job in Chile" we were super excited. The "job" turned out to be this amazing commercial produced by Stink Paris for BETC and the LEGO Agency. We were asked to make four oversized LEGO props that would be used for the live action shoot in Chile – a crossbow, a bow and arrow, a carrot and a pair of scissors.  The items needed to be lightweight & strong, and styled to be instantly recognisable as the iconic plastic parts they replicated.

We began the build by modelling the parts in 3D with our modelling software Freeform & Z-Brush then used the digital files to machine “patterns” in High Density modelling board. Fine details and textures were added and silicone lined moulds were produced of each item were produced.

Lightweight fibreglass pieces were produced that were painstakingly detailed and painted to give them a toy like appearance and they were carefully packed, crated and shipped to Stink in Paris.

See the full LEGO commercial here.

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You can see the commercial here: 

or how it was made here:

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