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“Thanks again for your help with this.  The Illusion looked amazing “

Darcy Oake

When illusionist Darcy Oake asked Artem to be involved in a spectacular illusion for the 2019 series of ITV’s “Britain’s Got Talent – The Champions” we were delighted.  Whatever Darcy had planned would be bigger than the death defying “Time is of the essence”  stunt  for the 2014 BGT Final where he escaped with seconds to spare from a straightjacket while suspended upside down under an oversize bear trap.

 Darcy was planning to escape from a locked box which was suspended high over a large fire. Handcuffed and securely locked in the box Darcy would have one minute to escape from the box before explosive charges broke the chains and dropped the box to the floor.

We worked closely with Darcy and his illusion consultant Mark Parker to design and construct the illusion to his exact specifications and provided the fire, fuse and pyrotechnics that added to the suspense and ultimately destroyed the box.

The illusion was constructed at our West London workshops and we were able to completely test the rigging and support structure in our “Back Lot” Filming Area.  Darcy and his team could see the illusion exactly as it would appear at the Wembley filming location and make any adjustments that were necessary.

Artem Designer Simon Tayler who supervised the build comments “It was a pleasure working with Darcy and Mark  to bring the project to a successful and spectacular conclusion. The project presented several challenges which enabled Artem to draw on our design and build expertise and history of working with illusionists and magicians from initial consultation through to the build and servicing the recording of the show” .

You can watch the thrilling escape here.

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