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Take That 'Greatest Hits Live' 2019 Tour - Choppers and Wind Machines Batasco Partnership

We were very excited when Kim Gavin got in touch with us when Take That decided to do a National tour to celebrate "Odessy" - their greatest hits album.

This tour has been the most technological yet with innovative sets and we had the wonderful job of creating more "Ride-on" scenic elements for the show.

It was decided that the dynamic trio would ride beautifully detailed "Choppers" during the song Spin and we had the chance to build three motorcycles that had  spinning wheels, could lean from side to side, and, do massive wheelies.

Richard North and Alex Mayes designed the three choppers and our technicians began to make and assemble the many components , motors, chains and control system that each bike needed.

The build took over one month.

We also were asked to provide two of our "Super Silent Studio Fans" that were to feature not just as practical fans but also as secenic elements. The fans needed to fit under the stage and be mounted in sprung and balanced frames for speedy deployment between songs. We previously provided two of these marvellous fans for the Take That Musical "The Band" so the band knew how good these fans were.

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