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Radio 2 - Zoe Ball Breakfast Show promo BBC.

Every now and then we get an oppurtunity to back to basics, using some very simple in camera tricks to make things happen.

This lighthearted promo for Radio 2's Zoe Ball Breakfast Show used some of these. Filmed in reverse we helped dress a baby (by whipping its hat and gloves off - shhhhhhh) and make lunch for Mum.

We also burnt the toast, watered the garden and had a great deal of fun on the shoot and in testing all the various elements.

It was a quick turnaround job and our techncians had a minimum amount of time to install a mini smoke machine in a modifed toaster, which  on a cue popped the burnt toast  up and filled the room with smoke as Mum danced around and made lunch. We also made a lovely fake  sandwich from foam rubber and polyeurethane tomato and cheese. The sandwich was pulled out of the lunchbox on a nylon thread.

We used a small water supply and pump to create the water effects.

You can see the finished promo on Radio 2's twitter page 




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