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Far Cry - 'New Dawn' trailer Fire Without Smoke

 Fire Without Smoke are a full service creative agency, specialising in producing content for the video games industry, across a range of fantastic clients. So, when they approached us to create the special effects for the reveal trailer of the upcoming release in Ubisoft's Far Cry series, Far Cry: New Dawn, we were more than excited to jump on board.

With the new game come new weapons - the Saw Launcher being one of them. Our team set to task building a real life version, alongside a custom built rig that could safely fire a saw blade into a tree. We studied in-game footage and digital files from the game, and worked closely with Fire Without Smoke in order to make the weapon look as authentic as possible.
The trailer, produced by Fire Without Smoke, was assisted by Love High Speed's new Phantom Onyx camera equipment and crew. This was the first commercial use of this camera in the U.K., and was used to film our dramatic pyroclastic surge in super slow-motion. 

The trailer was shot on site at Artem HQ, meaning that our team and workshop were on-hand, ready to respond swiftly to last minute changes or requests.

Check out the teaser trailer here
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