Artem Case Studies

British Airways - 'Winter Sun' TRO

Our friends over at TRO set us the challenge of making an up-scaled arcade-style grabber for British Airways as part of their 'Winter Sun' campaign. It took pride of place in the main concourse at Westfield Shopping Center for 3 days, where players had the chance to win one of 1,700 prizes including free flights.

We worked closely with TRO to bring their strong concept to life, using a mixture of 3D design and hands-on expertise to build a bespoke mechanism which utilized the traditional design of an arcade grabber but housed in a 2.5m cube. The exterior was styled to resemble a Tiki bar and filled with 1700 prizes, bringing a little sunshine to passers by.

Most arcade games are difficult to win, but our brief was to design something that could be won more often than not!

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