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Peoples Postcode Lottery Arteus - Glasgow

Wintery cheer is the theme of this lovely ad for The Peoples Postcode Lottery produced by Glasgow based production company Arteus

Shot on a suburban street in Glasgow in the height of summer means that all the wintery feel has to be created. Artem technicians were tasked with creating the snowy streetscape which was almost 500 sq metres (12m x 40m) in area, and included roofs, walls and street.

We began by placing large white tarpaulins over the area that had to be dressed then applied a combination of fabric, biodegradable fake "snow". Our technicians used a powerful blower which dampened the "snow" and quickly applied it to large areas and surfaces as if it had freshly fallen. 

We hand dressed other areas to camera and quickly refereshed any patchy areas or footprints by sprinkling the fake snow where needed. We can add sparkle and ice crystals if needed and the material can be fashioned into "snowballs" for extra fun. 

Once the filming was completed the snow is collected and disposed of responsibly and the street and houses hosed down or swept thoroughly. It's as if we were never there.

You can see how effective the dressed snow is here and if you are planning something similar in the future please get in touch with us:

Glasgow: +44 (0) 141 427 5775

London: +44 (0) 208 997 7771

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