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Cervelo - 'Mission Impossible' Cut Media

Artem was asked to help create a "Mission Impossible" type robbery sequence for the launch of Cervelo's and Team Sunweb's S5 range of professional triathalon road cycles. We used our small self contained flying rig to achieve the iconic descent. 

Our team erected a truss frame and pulley system to enable a performer to be "flown" into shot in a controlled and safe manner. The performer was securely fastened into a custom "Flying Harness" and the sequenece was shot in a studio in Edinburgh.

The truss and flying system can be assembled an be reeady to rehearse in a matter of hours by 2 technicians and can be re-configured in a number of ways - from  simple "up / down" motion to simulated weightlessness this is a truly versatile rig.

For all your flying needs please contact our office on +44(0) 207 997 7771 or email us for more information.

Have a look at the finished commercial here.

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