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The Queen and I King Bert Ltd.

We were asked to make a breakaway replica of a crown featured in this comedy from David Walliams and King Bert. The crown needed to  have a solid structure with loose, detachable parts and glass or artificial crystal "gems" some of which will fall off and scatter when the crown is dropped or thrown. 

You can see the breakaway crown on the trailer here 

We redrew the crowns shape in Solidworks and had the metalwork lasercut. We then assembled the basic structure and our propmakers matched the original prop exactly. We sourced the same costume jewlery and fabric and once finished the two items were virtually indistinguishable from each other.

If you are have a need for comedy or breakaway props please email us or call our offices in  London +44(0) 207 997 7771 or Glasgow +44(0)141 427 5775 

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