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The Barologist - Edinburgh Greene King Brewing and Retailing

One of Edinburgh's most popular bars recently underwent a complete makover and was re-invented as weather-themed destination, 'The Barologist'. We were very excited to be a part of that makeover.

The new owners wanted a 'Victorian Steampunk' feel to all weather-related features to be installed in the venue and we happily accepted this challenge. From the huge bar itself to a small red button that delivered a monstrous 'Thunderclap', we were involved from project conception to completion.

The exsisting bar was a warren of nooks, crannies, and passageways and we filled these spaces with interesting weather-related props and builds: cleverly-concealed fans and smoke machines puff and blow a hot air balloon around the  ceiling, snow falls gently in snow globes and windows, and the Barologist himself stands in a window contemplating life under large ceiling portals filled with stars and sunlight - a steady rain shower falling on him from under his umbrella.

Constructed in our West London workshops and installed by our Glasgow office team, The Barologist is a riot of recycled musical instruments, gauges and old machinery reassembled with creativity and passion by our modelmakers. Taking eight weeks to design, construct and install, all the featured items are robust and reliable, with highly polished and laquered finishes, creating a delightfully playful environment for one of Scotland's most popular Bar and Grill locations.

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