Artem Case Studies

Gousto Framestore

We love creating simple practical rigs that are cheap, fuctional and lots of fun to use.

The rig we created for this quick turnaround element shoot for Framestore was just that. We needed to be able to 'toss' a variety of objects ranging from heavy frying pans and wooden spoons to small cut vegetables at the same speed so that the individual shots could be brought together in post production.

Our technicians built a sturdy frame that elasticated cord could be fastened to and released on cue. The strength of the cord could be varied depending on the object and then the speed and direction of travel could be repeated for each item. Once composited this gave a very realistic smooth motion.

The stills appeared on billboards, public transport and magazine advertising and a video version appeared on televison and web platforms.

You can see  the video here.

  • Commercials
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Visual Effects Elements
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