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National Lottery - 'Amazing Starts Here'' Smuggler

Produced by Nick Sutherland-Dodd at Smuggler, directed by Mick Molloy and beautifully shot by Steve Annis, this heart warming commercial for the National lottery tells the story of how life changing holding the winning ticket can be.

Shot on location in Macduff, Scotland, the commercial shows the hard life of a costal fishing community and used wide establishing shots of mist and wet weather to give the right feel.

Our technicians ran out long smoke tubes and wetdown large areas of pavements to create the misty wet mood. This method provides a very stable and smooth smoke base for the shots and the smoke level is easy to adjust over a wide area and can be run for long periods of time. More tubing can be deployed easily if needed or the wind direction is fickle.

We used 10 000lt tankers to create the stormy and wet weather on the fishing boat and with our custom rain rigs and cleverly designed nozzles managed to recreate the conditions that you really would find if you were far out at sea and working hard.

Watch the commercial here to see the atmospherics, wetdowns, wind and weather effects in action.

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