Artem Case Studies

Clearscore - Claw Moxie Pictures

Clearscore advertisements have become known for their humorous approach to help people manage their finances. Produced by Sue Caldwell at Moxie pictures and directed by Ben Wheatley we were able to assist by modifying several iconic items which featured in two comical commercials.

For this commercial we were asked to modify the controls of a “Grabber” machine to be able to grip a soft toy and manipulate it easily and then break a sheet of glass as the soft toy makes its bid for freedom.

The glass was broken with a small explosive charge as the toy was pushed through on a rod.

 Soft Silicone glass was then used to fall around the toy as it was animated.

Watch the completed commercial here

  • Commercials
  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
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