Artem Case Studies

Alexis Taylor - Oh Baby. Studio Suzy Wood

Artem was asked to make and operate two pairs of ‘eyeballs’  for the music video to accompany Alexis Taylor's exuberant love song ‘Oh Baby' from the album ‘Beautiful Thing’. Produced by Studio Suzy Wood and directed by Simon Owens, the quirky video shows Taylor’s eyeballs coming out of his head and having a whirlwind romance with each other, using a romantic movie-montage theme.

The eyeballs were made from plastic hemispheres which were painted to look like cartoon eyes and mounted under a set of stylised eyelids. Artem technicians produced a simple but effective cable-operated mechanism to swivel and blink the eyeballs and a variety of eye movements were shot for compositing into the final video.

Watch the amazing video here

  • Music Video
  • Animation & Puppets
  • Mechanical Rigs
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