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Malteasers Connect Four Game Proud Robinson

“The event went very well and the Connect Four was a big success – thank you! Nigel was fantastic to work with, look forward to working with Artem again.” – Gill Taylorson, Proud Robinson

We were asked to make an oversize “Connect Four “game for a Malteasers product launch by Proud Robinson. Malteasers wanted the game to be played with their new chocolate buttons replacing the traditional blue counters at the launch event.

We began by machining the full size buttons in a high density modelling board on our multi axis CNC router then used the patterns to make high quality silicone moulds. Plaster forms were produced and used as the dies on our vacuum former. We produced twenty-one buttons which were capped to make them the shape of the new product.

We also produced twenty-one red counters that were machined out of EVA foam.

Using high resolution images of the real Malteasers product, we printed adhesive vinyl pieces which were applied carefully over the counters to give them the correct appearance.

While the counters were being fabricated we designed, machined and fabricated a simple Connect Four Game frame and counter holders  – modified to ensure the counters did not bind or twist in the frame. The frame and counter holders were constructed from high quality plywood and had graphic decals applied.

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