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Themed Parties and Events

We are able to use the skills and techniques gleaned from thirty years working in Films, TV and Theatrical Events to produce marvellous items for Themed Parties and Special Events. We recently were asked to provide a number of items for a celebrity party, and we thought the results were fantastic.

Not only was the brief exacting but the location was challenging as well. All the things we like to tackle and all the things we excel at.

There were a number of big builds for the party, one was a full size tree which stood in a marquee – at 8m high and with a spread of 8m the tree had to be built in sections, transported to the site and reassembled in the marquee quickly and safely. Another big build was the arched “stone” gazebo which stood over the food and drink area where we had created the bars and serveries. At 5.5 m high and 12m in diameter this impressive feature was also assembled inside a marquee and we constructed a 3m diameter chandelier as another feature.

Both the tree and the gazebo were constructed around a steel framework, with the surfaces milled in EPS then moulded and cast in GRP and Flexible foam. The tree had a wonderful seating area which was constructed from Machined and painted MDF with soft foam “Capping Stones” used as seats. The bars and serveries were also made from Machined and painted MDF and we created a number of smaller steel cages, fountains, rock walls and other features for the evening.

The outside areas were also very special and provided the guests with a unique experience as they passed through the grounds. We constructed walkways and scrims to disguise the easily recognisable features in the grounds and with sets, corridors, smoke, and fires in bins and cars helped create a dystopian environment that built the excitement of the evening and gave a great ambience and vibe to the night.

We would love to help you in a similar way of you are planning or thinking about a party or experiential event. We really enjoy this type of work, and would be pleased to discuss any ideas and how we can help.

  • Atmospherics
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
  • Sculpture
  • Wind, Water and Steam
  • Floor Effects
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