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Laureus Laureus World Sports Awards Ltd. / Spencer Sunar

As the second part of an on-going project we were asked to create two magnificent upscale replicas of the Laureus World Sports Award. They were to be used at the 2018 LWSA event in Monaco and would be placed on the celebrity walk.

We had previously scanned the beautiful award with our digital scanner and from the scans produced 3D files that we could export to our CAM machines for printing or milling as and when our client requested.

For this project we needed to create two statutes on bases that were 1050mm high and manageable by one staff member at a variety of functions across the year. We used our KUKA Multiaxis arm to machine a full sized model in high density engineering board which was then moulded, cast and finished in a bright “metal” painted finish. The highly detailed base section was  milled, moulded and cast in the same way.

The statues were crated securely nestled in bespoke packaging that was designed by Artem that held the pieces securely during transit, and ensures that the superb finish on the statues remains pristine.

  • Artworks , Awards and Public Sculpture
  • CNC Machining & 3D printing
  • Sculpture
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