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Palace Skateboards Mascot Palace Skateboards

We had great fun working with Palace Skateboards to create their new Mascot. The furry green mascot is a wearable three dimensional “impossible” triangle. Popular with skaters and the on-line community the costume is  a very effective way of promoting  brand awareness.   

We had a number of meetings with the Palace team, including with Fergus “Fergadelic” Purcell, the cult designer of the Palace Penrose triangle, to discuss how we could be bring the logo to life and make this ‘impossible’ triangle possible as a wearable costume.

 Our brief was a simple one; It had to be study and practical but able to withstand the wearer undertaking some extreme movements, it had to be comfortable, it had to be fun, and it had to be true to Fergus’ iconic design. The only catch was that we had just two weeks to achieve this from concept to delivery.

 We used the nap of the faux fur to cheat the illusion of the opposing angles of the triangle and clad this around a lightweight but sturdy foam core.  A harness-type system inside ensured that the costume was correctly supported on the wearer at all times and that no part of their body was ever under any undue stress. The addition of fans and discrete ventilation areas within the costume helped to keep the wearer cool during even the most strenuous of activities that a giant, green, furry impossible triangle could be expected to ever undertake.” 

You can follow some of the exploits of the Tri-Ferg Mascot on Palace Skateboards Instagram   or here.

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