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Autodesk AMF Launch Autodesk

Artem use Autodesk PowerMill as a pivotal part of our design process and we were very excited to be asked by Chan Solanki to be part of Autodesk's Advanced Manufacturing Facility Launch recently . Autodesk wanted a recgonisable feature  to be one of the showcase items in their Kuka demonstration and test cell at their Birmingham development centre.  With digital files provided by Autodesk, we produced a large model of the Houses of Parliment and the iconic Elizabeth Tower - home of legendary Big Ben. The 2m x 1m  x 2m high model was milled in medium density board and given a light paint wash. While perhaps not being the usual tool for a project like this, the opportunity to utilise our own Kuka multi-axis robotic arm was intriguing and we able to get an astonishing resolution from only a few passes. Including file handling, tool paths, and material prep, the total machine time was around 35 hrs. As an exercise we printed two of the clockfaces on our Objet 3D printer and milled two on the Kuka - the machine run time was about the same, and the results were almost identical.

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