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Erdem x H&M - 'The Secret Life of Flowers' Biscuit Filmworks.

“Artem were the perfect partner to work with on The Life of Flowers, their attention to detail is second to none. They are a wonderfully collaborative company who I look forward to working with again soon."    Rupert Reynolds-Maclean, Bisuit Filmworks                                                                          

Artem have recently had a great opportunity to work with Director Baz Luhrmann, Producer Catherine Martin and Biscuit Filmworks on a lavish commercial for H&M which features new clothing range by designer Erdem Moraioglu. Shot in and around the wonderful listed building “The Grange” in Hampshire, Producer Kwok Yau provided a number of braziers which Artem converted to give adjustable flames for each one.  We also provided atmospheric smoke, and quiet set fans - to gently move garlands of flowers and foliage, and, blow petals and leaves as required during the entire filming period.

We used a combination of Artem Exterior and Colt 4 smoke machines to provide an atmospheric quality for the four day shoot. The Exterior machines were used to create a wide even smoke cover outside while we used a smoke fluid which is permitted for use in listed buildings in our Colt smoke machines for the interior set ups.

We had a number of our silent Jet fans running constantly throughout the shoot, smoothing the smoke and providing continuity breeze, and when we needed to blow petals, leaves and other debris about, we adjusted levels and direction accordingly. 

Great care had to be taken with the propane powered braziers, as Artem Supervisor Ritchie Beacham-Paterson explains. “Logistically, we had to be cautious and avoid any damage to the wonderful house. We used an appropriate fire retardant to treat any set dressing and fabrics to reduce the risk of uncontrolled fire. All the braziers were carefully sited to ensure there were “safe” paths for actors to travel and the hoses and gas bottles carefully hidden and disguised. We gave a comprehensive safety briefing and established clear start up and operating procedures with walkthroughs prior to filming any scene to make sure everything was safe for the actors and crew. The job went smoothly for Artem and the producers stressed how happy they were with our team’s contribution and the solutions we offered the production. We certainly enjoyed working with Biscuit Filmworks and Kwok, and, having the chance to work with Baz Luhrmann was a great experience."

If you'd like to see the finished film just click here, or wtach the behind the scenes , or a little teaser 

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