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'Be more Phillip Schofield' - Mindseye

Project: - 'Be More Phillip Schofield'

Agency: Brothers and Sisters

Production Company: Mindseye

Artem were approached by Mindseye to provide a 4.2m high statue of Phillip Schofield standing on a plinth in a 3.2m diameter pool for a quirky campaign by Creative Agency Brothers and Sisters for The statue would need to be recognisable, portable and look realistic as it was revealed in a variety of public spaces over the campaign. With a lead time of fifteen working days we had to

We arranged for Sample and Hold to do a detailed scan of Phillip Schofield’s head, and once we had received the raw data our 3D CADCAM Designer Richard North scaled and modelled a muscular torso, arms and legs in Z-Brush and Freeform plus. We were able to present various designs and poses to our client and make any changes easily with this method. Once the designs were finalised Richard used Autodesk Powermill to produce toolpaths to machine the sculpture in Ultra High Density EPS on our Kuka robot.

The polystyrene sculpts were lightly sanded, assembled and primed with a resin vapour barrier then carefully painted to resemble marble. The fountain base was also sculpted from EPS, primed then finished with a Jesmonite texture.  A hole was bored through the sculpture and a stream of water was directed through a gap in Phillip’s front teeth by a small variable speed electric pump.

You can view the finished 60sec advertisement here, and make sure to keep an eye out for Phillip over the next few months.

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