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BMW Cones Carnage Films / FCB Inferno

"This was a challenging but thoroughly enjoyable project.The finished cones looked absolutely stunning and the shoot was great fun to do"

Shaun Donovan - Artem Supervisor and Designer

BMW  "Cones"

Agency: FCB Inferno

Production Company:  Carnage Films

Director: Mark Jenkinson

Artem were very excited to work with Carnage Films and FCB Inferno on a stylish advertisement for the new BWM M5.

The Mill in London provided a basic design for small mobile “cones”.  CAD designer Colin Foster calculated the dimensions from the designs and created produced engineering drawings and toolpaths in SOLIDWORKS. These were output to our 3 axis CNC router to make patterns for vac-forming and our Objet 3D printer.

Sixteen “cones” were produced as separate parts to allow for ease of fabrication, finishing and servicing on the shoot. There were five vac-formed pieces and three 3D printed parts for each cone as well as LED lights, a small self-contained power supply and wheels

Six of the “cones” were radio controlled and had a bespoke chassis and a modified R/C car drive system and steering installed. The remaining cones were largely static or “pushed” in a straight line so just had the chassis and wheels installed.                                                                                                                                        All of the “cones” were installed with 3.5m of high powered RGB LED light strips and reflectors to provide a stunning visual display. The lights could be changed from green to red by radio control on the mobile “cones” and by a simple switch on the static ones.

The “cones” were detailed with carbon fibre vinyl pieces designed in-house and cut on our vinyl cutter, and the vac formed cones finished in a 2 pack silver paint finish to achieve a beautiful metallic lustre. 

The completed advertisment can be seen here "BMW Cones" and you can get see how  we made the cones in the making of video. on BMW's Youtube channel.

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