Artem Case Studies

Sky Sports F1 - No More One Horse race Pulse Films

Artem was approached by Pulse Films to provide a large extended smoke set-up for a three day shoot at Silverstone Racecourse.  We used our medium smoke machines, blowers and lay flat tubing to line the  racetrack and cover over two hundred meters of smooth smoke for texture and obscuring some features. The coverage was so effective that even the aerial shots taken by drone look spectacular.

The commercial uses 20 horses to represent the cars in a Formula One race and captures the drama and excitement of race day. See the commercial here , and a behind the scenes video showing our large smoke set-up in action here.

“The advantages of using a system like this is that it is easy to make changes to the level of the smoke and cope with any wind shifts quickly and simply” says Artem’s Paul Gorrie, “ We fire it all up, and get it looking good , and then it just stays like that. The guys filming don’t have to worry about a thing.”

  • Commercials
  • Atmospherics
  • Wind, Water and Steam
  • Floor Effects
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