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Open Evening Medallions Open Evening 2017

The Open Day Medallion:                                   

When we plan an Open Evening we try to make sure it reflects any new machinery, equipment, or, processes that we have introduced or built over the period since the last one.

Since our last Open Evening in 2015 we have designed and built several three phase Electric Wind Machines, “Medium” Exterior Smoke Machines, a sophisticated firing system that co-ordinates the flash from a stills camera to the firing of a pyrotechnic  devices. We also have produced numerous machined parts, sculpting, and printed parts on our KUKA robot, CNC Mills and Router, and, Our Objet 3D printer.

You may be wondering what these all have in common and there is a simple answer. Computer Aided design and Manufacture (CADCAM) we use our CADCAM facilities to design and produce engineering drawings or output files for internal production where we produce the parts or pieces ourselves, or external production where the parts or pieces are produced by specialist companies for us.

To showcase some of our CADCAM capabilities at our Open evening we produced a special medallion that was given to the recipients of our “Getting Shot” competition. The Medallion had been designed to be 3Dprinted on our Stratasys Objet30 polyjet 3D printer and was printed during the course of the Open evening.

Our CAM and Digital Supervisor Richard North designed the medallion in Geomagic Freeform Plus. The completed part took two and a half hours to produce, and then was painted by Emily Poole.

Our SFX  Designer/ Supervisor  Simon Taylor explains a little more about our processes, “ Over the years Artem have built on their extensive knowledge and experience of traditional manufacturing and engineering processes by adding a pipeline of CAD and CAM techniques. This incorporates several design workstations running Solidworks and Freeform design packages and Solidcam and Powermill CAM packages. We have a structured light scanner for scanning 3 dimensional objects and producing digital versions which can be manipulated as each job might require. We now operate a Kuka 7 axis milling robot for producing 3 dimensional parts like sculptures, a 3 axis flatbed router for 2.5D work and two 3D printers, a Dimension SST 1200 and a Stratasys Objet30 polyjet. The Objet30 produces parts that are extremely accurate and strong enough to form parts of working mechanisms.”

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