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Open Evening 2017 What we do and how we do it.

Just like the fictional character Willy Wonka we occasionally open the doors to our workshops to showcase the amazing range of work we can undertake.

Our annual Open Evening is a time that we get to show our clients and guests what’s new, who’s new and what we have been up to in the past year or so.

 Our staff was available to talk through the processes and techniques we use on the many different projects we work on in a year and we are able to give our guests a better idea of what we are capable of.

 We had many interactive displays that reflect our range of skills, such as applying prosthetics, drawing in 3D with our Haptic arm in “Freeform plus”, and watching our KUKA robot and Objet 3D printer working on actual jobs.

 Our Open Evenings always include a practical demonstration of Practical, Physical and Explosive Effects and this year we excelled ourselves. We started with smoke, wind, and snow then had our popular “Getting Shot” competition. (We designed and 3D printed  medallions for our brave volunteers – you can read about it here.)

 Once we had cleaned the mess up, our Pyrotechnic Supervisor Toby Stewart gave a masterclass in explosions – He and his team of Artem technicians filled our backyard with fireballs, paint bursts and as a finale fired a rocket launcher at a car and flipped it onto the roof of another, blowing the doors out and engulfing them both in fireballs.

 We really have a lot of fun when we hold this event and if you would like to attend a future Open Evening, please subscribe to our newsletter through the website. We would love to show you what Artem can offer your next Production, Show, Exhibition, or live Event.


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