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Hurricane Heist Windfall productions

In this fast paced thriller directed by Rob Cohen and starring Ryan kwanten, Maggie Grace and Toby Kebbell , a Category 5 hurricane heads towards the US Treasury as thieves plan an audaciuos robbery. 

The film starts with a dramatic flashback sequence where  a farmhouse is torn apart by a ferociuos hurricane  and we were asked to make the miniature farm house, and provide the scale wind and rain effects for the sequence. 

The miniature sequence had to be intercut with footage that had been filmed earlier on location with the real house and in the studio with an interior set mounted on a gimbal.

Two teams of Artem Technicians worked on the miniature. One team built a 6m x 6m steel platform that had to split to create a “tear” down the side of the house then  tilt to match the movements already shot in-studio. The platform used a combination of Pneumatic  rams and sprung loaded electric releases which were controlled and actuated from our Galaxis show firing system.

Filmed on our backlot in West London, our super strong windmachines and rain towers provided a hurricane of our own as the miniature house was "torn to shreds" and "blown" away.

Artem are experts in miniature sequneces and have created miniature explosion and action sequences for films such as Doomsday, Ironclad and Hot Fuzz 

Watch the miniature sequence from The Hurricane Heist here to see how well it worked and to see the sequence in it's raw state you can watch the VFX assembly here

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  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Models & Miniatures
  • Visual Effects Elements
  • Wind, Water and Steam
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