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Ant and Dec Mummification rig ITV Studios

Ant and Dec are always looking for a great gag for their show 'Saturday Night Takeaway'. ITV came to us with an idea to create 'mummification rigs' that would wrap the boys up ever more progressively, whilst attempting to answer a set of (sometimes difficult!) questions in a game called 'Mummies know best!'.

The rigs created here at Artem involved making rotating frames with automatically rising spools of fabric, that would move around each of the two presenters, until they had been completely covered from head to toe. The speed of the frames had to be precisely controlled so that they could be stopped in the correct position every time.

Artem staff manned the rigs on the night, to make sure that all went according to plan.

The video can be seen on the official Saturday Night Takeaway YouTube channel here Ant v Dec: Mummies Know Best.

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