Artem Case Studies

Babylon AD Sonja Klaus - Production Designer

We were asked to build a number of futuristic action props for the film Babylon AD. These included a bionic leg, from the knee down, to fit the main character Vin Diesel - the foot & sole were based on a futuristic training shoe, with fully sprung articulation.

Other items made were two stages of bionic gauntlet for the main character. The first stage was a clear silicone prosthetic skin-tight glove with individual knuckle joints - the second, an armoured gauntlet that fitted over the inner glove. This had a practical glowing ring of light around the data port. In addition a Botox crown was built for the character High Priestess - which was a medical device with 7 hypodermic syringes that inject the patient.

  • Film
  • CNC Machining & 3D printing
  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Prosthetics
  • Special Costume
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