Artem Case Studies

Sainsbury’s Comic Relief Talking Nose 'Snuffles' Havas SE Cake, on behalf of Sainsbury's Red Nose Day for Comic Relief.

Artem created an animatronic up-scale replica of ‘Snuffles’ the dragon, one of this year’s red noses, for the up and coming Comic Relief Red Nose Day on March 24th 2017. Our Snuffles was digitally sculpted in Freeform from a laser scan of a real (mass-produced) Red Nose, and then 3D printed. The mechanism was designed in Solidworks. Components were CNC machined, and hand assembled. The animatronic was fitted with radio controlled movements which allowed our technicians to remotely control the mouth and eyes.

Artem were on hand for the shoot overseeing the installation, operating the eyes, and showing the voice actor how to operate the mouth so that better voice sync could be obtained.

In the series of hidden camera sketches Snuffles is placed within the oranges at a Sainsbury’s supermarket – cameras were placed behind Snuffles to gain POV angles and a microphone was placed nearby. The celebrity voicing Snuffles was none other than Rylan Clark-Neal (X-Factor, Celebrity Big Brother). His task was to strike up an entertaining conversation with unsuspecting members of the public. We think he did a good job!

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