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Suicide Note Short Film

"When I started planning the shoot for 'Suicide Note' I spoke to several SFX companies but chose Artem because of their clear enthusiasm for finding solutions to the difficult challenges the shoot presented. Artem's involvement proved to be critical to the film; they approached everything with spectacular creativity whilst always being mindful of how to achieve effects that were very ambitious given the limited budget! They were easy to work with and moved mountains to make things work within my small budget. I couldn't be happier with the process of working with Artem and the stunning illusions they created all in camera."

Marina Waltz, Director and Writer 

Artem worked closely with the director and production team to devise the means to translate their vision from paper onto the screen. These included creating a whirlwind-like storm of debris, which needed to safely fly around and engulf the young lead actor, 12 year-old Victoria Goncharenko, and a scene where she is seen disappearing into a mirror. For this we had one mirror created and an identical empty mirror frame which sat above a large glass tank. This was then filled with a food safe black dye, which has good reflective qualities when lit correctly, and the actor supported above the tank by a body harness rig. This enabled us to pivot and puppeteer her partially into the liquid and, by also cheating the camera angle, appear as if she is travelling into and through the mirror. 

2016 Winner of the ‘Best Horror – Alfred Hitchcock Award’ at the Chicago AMARCORD ARTHOUSE TELEVISION & VIDEO FESTIVAL 

  • Film
  • Atmospherics
  • Liquids
  • Props
  • Prosthetics
  • Wind, Water and Steam
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