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Luna & Nova Puppets - Motiongate Dubai Opening Action Impact LLC

“One of my first meetings on this project was with you at Artem, and I was simultaneously trying to get up to speed whilst offer any useful help / support, but knowing it was you creating Luna and Nova instilled great confidence even before I knew the full detail!

Thanks again for all your hard work and fathoming out the things we hadn’t even fathomed ourselves, and I look forward to the next one . . . whatever and wherever that might be!”

Will Glendinning, Executive Producer

Artem were contracted by the Dubai-based live communications and events company Action Impact, to perform the adventurous task of producing two animatronic puppets for Dubai’s Parks and Resorts Official Ambassadors event. The two puppets, named 'Luna' and 'Nova' took centre stage at the grand opening of ‘Motiongate’ - the biggest Hollywood-inspired theme park in the Middle East - held on December 18th, 2016.

Constructed from a lightweight fibreglass shell and sporting fronds made from silicone rubber and polyester chiffon fabric, Luna & Nova’s articulated joints were designed to give them an attractive and expressive range of actions. A full range of eye movement was implemented, and their mouths were able to open/close allowing speech to be synchronised with the show audio, through the use of radio DMX control.

The eyes, mouths and arms were all radio controlled during the show by Artem staff on site who also provided full mechanical and electronic support services for the duration of the event.

Dubai Parks and Resorts Official website describe Luna and Nova:

“Luna and Nova have been created as the official Dubai Parks and Resorts Ambassadors of Fun and will welcome guests to the destination. They will be an integral part of the company’s marketing and promotional campaigns over the coming months, and appear throughout the destination once open.

For more information on the Motiongate Theme Park check out their website: Dubai Parks and Resorts

To watch the Grand Opening you can view the video here: Dubai Parks & Resorts Grand Opening  

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