Artem Case Studies

Watch_Dogs 2: Influencer Campaign - Drone Race Maverick Media

Artem were approached by Maverick Media to provide some pyro sparks for their Drone Racing Influencer Campaign which was to promote the new Ubisoft game ‘Watch Dogs 2’ which was released on November 15th

Due to the location and after discussing with the client we decided we would use some small gerbs (a Gerb: Produces an array of sparks and is a type of firework - these sparks can last for a few seconds or up to a minute).

One of Artem's pyrotechnicians Paul set off to the location, where wires were placed and buttons pushed to create some spark effects for introducing the players, marking the beginning of the race and at the winner’s podium.

You can view the finished project here: Watch_Dogs 2: Influencer Campaign - Drone Race (Made by Maverick)

  • Game
  • Product Launches
  • Viral and Online
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
  • Floor Effects
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