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McDonalds – Juliette & Meteor Mike Puppets Independent Films

Artem Supervisor Will Wyatt commented on the project:

“Even though this project caused a lot of sleepless nights and was quite testing, to be a part of a project that utilises Artem’s capabilities successfully is very rewarding”

 Emily Pooley, lead Art Worker on the project:

“I love being able to work on projects that involve miniature characters and puppets and being able to bring them to life! It’s like magic!”

Artem were asked to provide concept Illustrations of two characters of doll like appearance, we worked closely with the client to realise their vision, criteria and concept ideology.

Once the illustrations were approved, the figures were sculpted in clay in order to work out the characteristics of both puppets. The main focus was the heads and the proportions of the figures (the eventual manufacturing and performance requirements will inform the design i.e. thickness of the jointed areas etc). 

We 3D scanned the clay figures, so that we could add the joints required for the desired movements and to finalise the 'look' of the character. These were then 3D printed.


She was hand painted to resemble a wood effect doll

All facial features were carefully hand painted

Real hair was used, which was carefully stuck and knotted.

Bespoke costume was handmade and was carefully designed to make movements.

Different sets of hands were made, so that it looked like she was able to pick up and hold items.

She had rod points which enabled her to be easily operated by a puppeteer Oli Taylor.

Meteor Mike

Hand painted face

His body & Outfit were all spray painted

Static model

Vac Formed the blister packaging


A mixture of CGI and Puppetry were used in the commercial. 

Artem also supplied all the snow in the commercial. 

 Juliette and Meteor Mike: The Doll | Christmas | TV Ad | McDonald's UK  

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