Artem Case Studies

Nescafe 'Leave Like a Legend' Rattling Stick

Artem’s task was to create various rigs, hero beans and large scale letters for the new Nescafe commercial ‘Leave like a Legend’.

The first rig ‘The Precision’ had to have a 10 way precision drop which needed to be able to accurately drop individual beans.

The second rig was the ‘Bean Shower’ which was able to drop a large amount of beans onto a specific area appx 900mm wide.  

We also sculpted and painted 20 Hero beans which were needed for the close-up high speed shots, these were used with the ‘Precision’ rig.

Lastly using our in house CNC machine we were able to create the 3D letters ‘Leave like a Legend’ which were arranged in 3 lines total height of 1430mm x 300mm. 

  • Commercials
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Props
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