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HIM HIM Mainstreet Productions Ltd

 “The production was both challenging and fun to work on. We had a wide range of effects to develop from simple manipulation rigs to creating a swirling wind to keep a plastic bag in mid-air.” 

Artem Director and Supervisor on the project Simon Tayler 

In this three-part drama, written by acclaimed writer Paula Milne, the17-year old protagonist only referred to as ‘HIM’, is on the verge of adulthood. Played by newcomer Fionn Whitehead, the teenager divides his time between his divorced parents, mum played by Katherine Kelly (Mr Selfridge) and dad played by James Murray (Suspects), now both happily remarried with new families, while struggling with his supernatural powers which he inherited from his grandfather.

To simulate HIM’s telekinetic powers, Artem’s co-founder and project supervisor, Simon Tayler and his team, used a range of mechanical devices and puppeteering rigs to manipulate objects. The brief ranged from making objects and people appear to levitate, to entire rooms ‘coming to life’, including a kitchen with rattling windows and doors, a rupturing water tank bringing down a ceiling, exploding cartons, running taps and draws crashing open simultaneously as well as a car bonnet popping open on a speeding car.

You can catch 'HIM' on ITV 9pm Wednesdays

  • TV
  • Mechanical Rigs
  • Props
  • Wind, Water and Steam
  • Floor Effects
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