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Connect Sculpture Brunel University London

To celebrate its 50th year, Brunel University London approached Artem to help them create a commemorative sculpture. Titled ‘Connect’, the original design was based on an idea proposed by Brunel students, in a competition to generate interesting and novel concepts for the installation. The chosen design consisted of 5 inward facing characters, with a space where a 6th character would be; a visitor is effectively invited to participate by standing in the gap and holding the hands of the adjacent characters, and thus, fulfilling the idea implied by its title.

A number of companies were invited to tender for the installation, Artem’s Head of Sculpture Stan Mitchell proposed a ‘layered’ structure, which would provide longevity whilst still maintaining the basic design concept. Ultimately, the chosen material was a weather resistant aluminium alloy, in 15mm plate. As a result of these discussions and fabrication ideas, Artem was very pleased to be awarded the contract.

Stan started the actual build process by sculpting a miniature maquette which was used for visual reference and eventual sign-off. After the maquette had been 3D scanned by our head of CNC/Digital Richard North, it was imported into Freeform and modified such that certain aspects of the group, most notably the hands, functioned visually. The corrected group was then imported into Solidworks, and converted into a number of layers by Senior Technician Colin Foster.  Finally, the profiles for the individual layers were sent to a waterjet cutting company for manufacture.

Once assembled, the whole group was blasted using a glass bead polishing material to improve the finish. The sculpture was installed - Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th September ready for the unveiling on 21st September. 

Project supervisor: Richard Hince

Student designers (Brunel): Maria Celina Reyes Gallo, Huda Alnabhan, Abdurrahman Özdemir, Ghinwa Sbiai and Yeqing Zheng.

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