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Rank The Prank BBC Children's. Rank the Prank

“Though the concept was pure slapstick, it was a very surreal event with skilled, clean comedic ideas. It was a joy to work on.”

Artem Co-Founder and Supervisor Simon Tayler 

We recently created a series of elaborate SFX props and explosions for a new BBC series called Rank the Prank.

In the new show, co-produced with Canadian Production Company Apartment 11 and filmed at various locations around the countr, teams of children compete to out-prank each other on the unsuspecting public. The team that receives the highest ‘rank’ for their ‘prank’ wins the opportunity to stage the ultimate hoax on a friend or family member of their choice.

Artem’s Simon Tayler collaborated with other experts in the field, including prosthetics artist Shaune Harrison and stunt coordinator Abby Collins. Together the team pitted the public against collapsible sheds, breakaway beehives and exploding cakes in public locations including a garden centre, art gallery and car show.

Artem formed part of the team in formatting the ideas and working out how they could be performed safely. In one of the series’ top pranks, Artem exploded a Fiat 500 while another involved breakaway beehives, exploding cakes and a collapsible shed. 

We are no strangers to prank shows, having recently created a range of realistic pyrotechnics, prosthetics, fire and smoke effects for notorious Egyptian prankster Ramez Galal’s latest controversial TV show, Ramez Plays With Fire.

You can catch Rank The Prank every Saturday on CBBC from 9am - 

Watch the Cake Off Episode on the BBC iplayer - 

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