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Robot Wars Mentorn Media

Artem was asked to provide all the SFX requirements for the popular technological game show, Robot Wars 2016.  

The latest series of Robot Wars features 40 distinct combat robots, built by competitors, fighting in a purpose-built arena. Robots range from a bird-like crusher with the force of an elephant to a 360 degree full-body spinner.

The original brief covered the main hazard areas in the arena and the surrounding entrances which required fire, pyrotechnics, CO2 jets and ultimately flame jets. 


Artem CEO, Mike Kelt, said: “During the live show we were in control of the four main hazards: activating the pit, the flipper, the spikes and the flame grill, all from a central control point overlooking the arena and located between the two opposing team control rooms, so we had a fantastic view of the proceedings.  This position was vital because the bouts were extremely fast and furious and the decision about when to operate any of the hazards had to be down to quick reactions from Artem staff. There were times when a robot might get stuck on the flame grill and be roasted, so there was also an element of discretion about when to stop and not incinerate the machine completely.”

  • TV
  • Live Events
  • Atmospherics
  • Pyrotechnics & Fire
  • Floor Effects
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