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The Shallows - Shark Fins in Cannes ICON

ICON approached Artem to create several realistic motorised Shark Fins for the International photo call for Sony Pictures thriller film ‘The Shallows’ which had its UK release on Friday 12th August 2016. The shark fins were first seen at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in May 2016, Where the fins were seen ‘swimming’ behind the star of the film Blake Lively.  

The realistic shark fin is made of three elements. The bit you see above water was first sculpted on computer then cut out of polystyrene on our 7 axis KUKA robot. It was then fibre glassed and art worked by our team.

The second element is a large, weighted keel to stop it bobbing about too much and make it possible to steer, but the brains of the beast sits at the back just under the water line and is a bespoke remote control submarine in a waterproof box. Inside are batteries, receivers, servos and 2 steerable prop motors which bring the fin to life. 

Artem Supervisor on the project Ritchie and lead tech Tim Warren were lucky enough to be at the Cannes Film Festival operating the Shark Fins. 

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