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Whisky Galore! Whisky Galore Movie Ltd

Iain Maclean, Executive Producer of Whisky Galore!, said, “We thoroughly enjoyed working with Artem in providing reality to surreality with their special effects team in the making of Whisky Galore!

Artem have been hard at work creating the perfect storm for Gillies MacKinnon’s Whisky Galore!, which premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 26 June.

Starring Eddie Izzard and James Cosmo, Whisky Galore!, is a modern interpretation of the 1949 Ealing comedy classic, Whisky Galore! Based on the 1947 novel by Compton MacKenzie.

Set during the Second World War, the isolated Scottish island of Todday is largely unaffected by wartime rationing until its supply of whisky runs out. Spirits are low until locals hear that a British ship has run aground due to severe weather. Its cargo contains 50,000 bottles of malt whisky. As locals attempt to plunder the supply, Capitan Wagget, played by Eddie Izzard, has the task of retrieving the whisky from the wily locals.

Artem provided the film with atmospheric effects, most noticeably for the harbour scenes. These included wind, rain and smoke to recreate the dramatic Scottish fog for the fictional Scottish island. These effects were created using equipment designed and made by us, including wind machines and exterior smoke machines, known throughout the industry as ‘the Artem’.

Mike Kelt, Artem CEO and SFX Supervisor, said, “The fog is key to the story as it provides the reason for the ship hitting the rocks.  It was tricky creating this impenetrable mist while filming in Port Soy harbour in the north of Scotland.  Not least because, as the prevailing wind was going out to sea, it took our mist with it.  Other scenes were filmed in a much more controllable harbour in Glasgow, such as when the small boats rowed out to retrieve the whisky.”

Artem has previously worked with both the director, Gillies MacKinnon, and with the actor/comedian Eddie Izzard on Castles in the Sky.

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  • Atmospherics
  • Wind, Water and Steam
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