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Kaleidoscope: See Things Differently - Rollover Rig Red Bull, RSA Films

‘Artem’s rollover rig created the perfect addition to the Kaleidoscope set, helping to demonstrate Kriss Kyle’s incredible skills by providing a moving, curved surface for him to incorporate into his performance. The rig itself is very impressive, and it’s useful to know for future projects that it can be fitted with almost any scenic construction.’ 

Alex Heathcote, Producer, RSA Films

Artem’s rollover rig demonstrated its versatility recently, when it was used for Red Bull’s new, groundbreaking BMX video, Kaleidoscope: See Things Differently

The film sees Kriss Kyle, one of the most widely regarded, unique and creative BMX riders of his generation, perform a range of unbelievable tricks and skills, within a set that mimics the lines, shapes and curves seen through a kaleidoscope.

Our rollover rig comprises a 6m diameter cylinder, which was fitted with a construction to make up part of the film's dynamic set,   The rig allows this fitting to rotate - and can be powered with a variable speed motor up to a maximum of 1 revolution in 12 seconds - thereby providing a constantly moving, curved surface on which the young Scot could exhibit his breath-taking talent.  

Look out for our rollover rig in the completed film.

You can also spot it in this behind the scenes video.

You can read about how we used our rollover rig to enable Ella Eyre to defy gravity, dancing on the walls and on the ceiling, in her music video, If I Go, here.

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